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Tamra Oviatt Tamra Oviatt
As a speaker, author, and teacher, Tamra Oviatt is a vibrant personality and highly-sought-after as a global leader in the awareness of the subconsciousness of humanity here to help others heal and grow.

Tamra Works for God to Help Spread His Light
Tamra is a renowned leader in esoteric healing, teaching others to cut through the subconsciousness of humanity and observe how it impacts the world and the lives of each person at any given time. Tamra coaches individuals and groups in energy healing practices, including her modality: Sacred Activations. Sacred Activations was provided by God to help humankind transform the world through the achievement of personal peace, joy, and happiness. Releasing deeply buried trauma and negativity from the collective helps the world to leave behind strife, judgment, and deception to create global harmony and unity.

Who Is Tamra?
-International Bestselling Author of three successful non-fiction with three in editorial phases -Featured in over 100 radio and live-streamed events -Featured keynote speaker at LA Expo & 5D Consciousness Expo -Visionary of World Peace -Master of Energy Transformation -Channeler & Intuitive Messenger of God, Jesus, Saint Germain, Lord Metatron, and the Ascended Masters

What is Sacred Activations?
-The transmission of God's energy and wisdom to facilitate release and healing within people
-Helps the recipient to identify harmful subconscious beliefs and release them
-Releases hundreds of beliefs from past, present and future lives, as well as genetics, in each activation
-Balances and clears chakras builds Sacred Geometry and repairs DNA
-Individuals can buy activations for self-healing or become Practitioners to heal others
-Practitioners can ascend to the level of Teacher, becoming certified to train others as practitioners and teachers
-Over 400 Practitioners have achieved all four mastery levels of the Practitioner Training

Services Offered:
-Private Sessions 30 Minutes
-Practitioner Training
-Teacher Training
-Activate Your Sacred Geometry
-Over 300 Activations Available To Accelerate Your Expansion & Change Belief Systems

Hi Tamra & Everyone,
I have recently become a Certified Sacred Activations Practitioner and I wanted to share with you one of my experiences with this work. Working with my daughter`s seizure the other day, even after the seizure she sometimes has continuing dizziness and headaches and I do healings on her and it takes sometimes 10 mins sometimes more than an hour for her to fully recover.This time I felt an urge to do activations on her and soon afterward she was feeling well. I am so thankful for this work and to Tamra Oviatt for introducing it to me.It is fast, effective and does wonders. I believe there is yet to experience more miracle healings with diseases which we once would have thought incurable through Sacred Activations. I would recommend everyone to be activated or even better become a practitioner. Your life is bound to change in the most amazing ways
- Hmeyra Grel Tumay
Sacred Activations Practitioner

On May 22 I asked my guides to send me a way to completely heal and breakthrough so my Divine Blueprint could fully be activatedI opened my browser and without clicking anything Tamra's Sacred Activations website loaded and Vincent's video testimonial was playing it was magical that was on a Wednesday she was giving Raising the Feminine Energy Classes she did each activation I could actually feel the changes happening within meI began to feel better immediately all symptoms of all the ailments I have had for years have receded over the last month one by one as if being erased in the most pleasant of ways in the Love and Light of Grace that what comes throughGraceI have now been doing the Activations with Tamra for one mont hon her weekly Hangouts my clients have mentioned that it seems that my sessions have gotten stronger and my reading have more clarity than ever before as for my health never better. Tamra is the Healer's Healer.
With Much Love and in Great RespectBlessings
- Stephanie Elaine Golden-Falcon
Proprietor of Hron Bleu Alchemy Shoppe

Tamra's method of sacred activations is one of the most powerful single modalities I have come across, particularly for the rapid transformation of ones life, she is a powerhouse of a healer with tremendous heart, and I highly recommend this work.
- Hanson Tse
Founder of Humble Exploration

Since receiving Activations from Tamra, my husband, Dr. Richard Sag MD, and I have seen miraculous changes in our lives and the lives of our children.
- Dr. Joanne Sag

Hi Tamra, My life has really opened up after your Sacred Activations. I have been busy with providing Divine Intuitive email readings for clients. *Please know as I have always done intuitive readings for family & friends for free. Now, since receiving your Sacred Activations & listening to them many times, just 2 days ago I started offering my services for readings and I am being paid for them now!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!
- Jolee K May

My second testimonial for Tamra. Cause, her work is so profound!
If I was limited to a simple phrase, to describe my experience with her activations, it would be life-enhancing. After each activation I have done, my life has progressively gotten better. The stuff that seems so hard becomes easy. The answers come. Systems I need. Tools I need. Mindsets I need. People. Places. Things. It all comes. From what Ive experienced, they clear gunk making it easier to create your desired life. From the deepest, most full, most truly loving space, Tamra, thank you. The positive impact you have had on my life is beyond words. Showers of gratitude, blessing and even more joy and plenty to you!
- Kyah

Thank you, Tamra, for the fabulous work you do with the Theta Healing. Ive worked with many healing modalities and am a licensed practitioner myself. The work Tamra does is by far the fastest and deepest work Ive ever experienced. She gets down to the core beliefs buried in your subconscious mind using muscle testing and is able to instantly remove the blocks that have been driving you and holding you back, whether in relationships, money, whatever the area of your life. There is a Freedom that is beyond being able to put into words affecting not only your mental but your physical health as well. I have made major shifts in relationships and financial issues that ordinary therapy would have taken years and still may not have been able to resolve. I am so grateful for Tamra and the work that she does.
- Josie

I am so thankful for these wonderful activations. They have become an important part of my life, and I feel much more balanced at ease in a lot of challenging situations. I like listening to Tamras voice very much, as she is full of love, humor and compassion. So, thank you for your inspiring work and I am looking forward to many wonderful activations to come! Love and blessings to you!
- Lars Frieske
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