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Michelle Carter Michelle Carter
Michelle is an International Divine Energy Channel, which means she has the ability to connect direct to Divine Energies and channel very powerful energy transmissions like a satellite receiver brings a TV signal into your home.

It was through years of illness, that doctors could not diagnose let alone heal, that Michelle turned to alternative remedies. She tried many holistic therapies and qualified in Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Bowen Technique before she discovered Energy Healing and started to channel energies to heal herself of severe chronic adrenal fatigue. Michelle then tried energy channeling on others and got amazing results so she chose to move into Energy Healing from the hands on healing.

Energy transmissions can be used to:

-Release stuck and blocked energy
-Clear away all the energies after they have released
-Fill your energy field with Pure and Divine energies
-Disconnect and cut ties to other people and their energy
-Disconnect from global grids and matrixes
-Float your energy into Higher Realms

This energy work is very powerful and allows people to release and let go of emotions, beliefs, situations, issues, patterns and people in their lives that are keeping them stuck and stopping them from moving into a happier and more fulfilling life.

Michelle's work helps people who are:

-Stuck in chronic illness
-Suffering from trauma, upset, grief
-Feeling and being attacked by dark energies
-Under the influence of spells and curses
-With fears, phobias and mental issues
-Feeling disconnected from their souls and soul purpose
-Looking for a happier life and not knowing what is wrong

Michelle believes using our Universal Power, or Pure Source Energy, has the power to not only transform our lives but also has the power to create 'Peace on Earth'.

Her vision is:
To live in a world where people feel 'Happy for no Reason' and 'Random Acts of Kindness' happen all the time.

Services Offered:
Michelle's work includes Releasing unwanted energies, Filling with Pure and Divine Energies, Clearing Releasing Energies to feel good during this process, Float into Higher Energies to raise your vibration, Disconnecting from global grids and matrixes keeping you stuck.

Her audios include:
-Health & Well-Being
-Releasing Illness
-Fears & Phobias
-Light, dark, protection
-Cutting ties, disconnecting from dark
-Spells & curses
-Filling with Pure & Divine Energies

"Many healers heal, but few stand by you and support you through the tough times which often come when one starts to work with and release all the stored up low energies...Michelle has created around her a group who truly, truly love and support one another, the likes of which I have never experienced before. There is true healing, power and compassion in every word, every clearing and everything Michelle does. I know there are many great healers around today, Thank God, but I would not recommend any other than Michelle, because she is pure Divine Love gratitude for you" -Rachel Lees

"Michelle - You are nothing short of a miracle worker!" "I have had 5 other healers in the last year try to tackle the dark energies that were holding my body and my life hostage and they barely scratched the surface. After one live session, one phone session and using your audio releasing packages I finally feel like I am free. After a year in hell I am getting my life back on track.

I am looking forward to clearing out the remaining debris in the next couple of weeks in your new Intensive program. No limitations! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!" Much love and light, Beth Joy USA

"Michelle, you are such a pure soul, gifted healer and loving human being. It has been a true gift to find you and have your help releasing the dark, gritty energies and resistant patterns I thought I could never escape. Your ability to bring through such tremendous Light and disconnect people from energies that don't serve them is so effective, it's almost magical. But what truly sets you apart from many healers I've worked with is how deeply devoted you are to your clients.

You were there for me during my darkest hours, lovingly supporting me and pulling me through, with unceasing kindness and words of encouragement, and I know you've done the same for many others in your groups.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and care, Michelle. I look forward to working with you again, because really, who you are and the work you do are "above and beyond" my experience of any "program"! :) " -Kathy,USA

"I have been in Michelle's programs since August... I've been working with energy and releasings for almost 35 years; I am also an energy therapist and I have made more shifts, clearings and releases with Michelle than all the years before her... broken free of deep core past life issues as well as this life and recently huge clearings of womb stuff, never have I felt so light and clear....Michelle; I'm noticing as time goes on your gift/skill/work/magic/transmissions/releases are getting more clear, focused, expansive and powerful as time goes on, thought that last intensive program was amazing and wow! the releases! and then I attended your NYC workshop and I'm still reaping the amazing benefits from that, broke through some major stuff! that last call on March 8 really blasted out layers and I'm still listening over and over.... so excited and looking forward to this next intensive program that starts Friday and I'm already feeling shifts from the extra transmissions you are sending... I can actually say I'm happy to be alive and looking forward to the days ahead, pretty amazing considering I was about to commit suicide before I started your programs; I had lost faith and it was feeling like greed and war was taking over, but now I have my faith back and I'm looking forward to a future of love and high vibes and my future is now! I thank you from deep within my heart and soul Michelle for being such a beautiful healing shining light and spreading divine love and high vibes to make the world a happy loving place to be... much love and high vibes to you Michelle!" -Deb Goldman USA

"You are one of the kindest, nicest, loveliest, most genuine, encouraging and caring people I am blessed to have met. You went far beyond the extra mile with me. You explained all the things to do and then you follow up with me to make sure I have everything and I know what to do. You are such a dear sweet soul. It radiates from you to me. You are inspiring. You make me feel like you genuinely care for me. You have such a strong positive vibration to me that I think my condition can shift just by being around you. You are spectacular! Truly you are." -Pete, New York, USA

"Working with Michelle Carter has lifted me from the depths of despair, to a new found state of enjoying life and wanting to live. I highly recommend her unique talents to anyone who would like to leave pain behind and look forward to a brighter future." -Caroline Nettle, UK

"Over the past few months working with Michelle's Dark Energies audios has freed and cleared more energy than I could have ever imagined. Michelle's ability to channel combined with her integrity makes it possible for all of us to find our way towards living in a freer and loving way. Always grateful! " -Karen, Palo Alto, CA
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