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Laura Hosford, is an inspiring Visionary Light Leader for World Peace, teacher, mystic, multi-sensory intuitive healer, channel for the Divine Feminine Christ, author, speaker and Light Language channel. Laura is known as a Master Akashic Guide and Soul Light Seer for her gift of being able to fully access the Akashic Records and Books of Knowledge to bring in the highest wisdom and knowledge to support your evolutionary ascension of consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond.

Warm, wise, powerful and resourceful Laura is both grounded and rooted into the wisdom of Mother Earth while able to access the higher dimensions of consciousness in Heaven to bridge in the highest truth and light to support your ascension journey. She is able to hold a deep space of unconditional love and grace while providing a very safe and nurturing environment for deep states of inner transformational work as she guides you into your highest potential.

In June 2014, Laura was gifted the vision of creating The Light Leaders Academy a heart centered fifth dimensional global community of Visionary Light Leaders. The Light Leaders Academy provides personal consciousness development programs, including Akashic Record certification, Akashic Record Healing, Full Moon Goddess Empowerment Circle, Galactic Shamanic Priest/Priestess Retreats, Light Language and Sound Healing and a Free Prayer Circle Support group on Facebook.

Laura has guided hundreds of visionary entrepreneurs to align with their Christ Consciousness to manifest their sacred mission and soul contract with creating Heaven on New Earth living their Souls greatest destiny. Laura calls these new fifth dimensional ascended visionaries Light Leaders.

Services Offered:
-Akashic Records Healing Sessions
-Channeled Intuitive Sessions with Ascended Masters & Archangels
-Divine Mastery Academy classes on Akashic Records, Prayer Mastery
-Full Moon Goddess Empowerment Circle
-Light Leaders Academy Earth Angel Support Group (on Facebook)
-Galactic Shaman Priest/Priestess Sacred Retreats
-House/Business Clearings

I am so blessed to have met Laura. She is soooo gifted and passionate about her work. Her Akashic reading was so accurate and ethical. I felt so comfortable during the whole experience. I highly recommend her for this. If anyone is looking for guidance or clarity. Thank you Laura, for taking the time to work with me. I'm so grateful!!! -KITTY

Laura is a beautiful soul, a gifted healer, and an excellent teacher. I learned so much in the basic class about how to use AR to enhance my life and the lives of others. I can hardly wait to attend the advanced course, which is coming up this weekend. Yippee! :-) Thank you Laura. You are a divine blessing to me and to all your students. --Peace -SUE

I had the pleasure of attending the Akashic Record Practitioner Light Certification course in October 2017 with Laura Hosford. The class was phenomenal! It was filled with information, practice activities, excellent materials, resources and the beautiful energy of Laura. The environment was welcoming and soothing to the spirit on all levels. Integrating what I have learned into my current work is something that I am excited about. Laura clearly helped me see how feasible and relevant that will be. Truly there are no words to cover what a fantastic teacher Laura is. I have attended many classes in the past and this was one of the best! -Lisa T.


I loved the session Laura, you are doing amazing work" -DAVID

This past weekend I had the pleasure to meet and take the Akashic Records Light Practitioner class with Laura Hosford. I have a been a spiritual teacher for almost 20 years, after taking several training and workshops I think I have an eye (or a heart) to recognize a good teacher. Laura is one of them! She knows what she is talking and teaching about, most important, she teaches from her heart. When her aura appeared to me it was bright white! I have seen only seldom times an aura like her. The workshop was light and at the same time very profound. She was very patience, clear, professional and humble I will recommend her workshop in a heart beat! Thank you Laura, it is a blessing to have in my life. -ZUREYA

I was introduced to Laura Hosford in 2014. I see her as a good kind friend. Her personalized prayers are very powerful and I have seen immediate results. For me, her readings have been on the mark. She inspires deep trust by the way she does the readings from the heart and accompanies them with prayer and practical remedies. -MALA

I had an Akashic Records Session with Laura Hosford and all I can say is Wow! She accessed my Akashic records and delivered some very beautiful guidance for questions I was struggling with. She also spoke a beautiful Light Language that was filled with amazing vibration. She translated the message for me that was so sacred to my heart I will carry it with me always. She has been truly gifted a divine gift and its a blessing to experience. -JEANIE

I have my first session with Laura Hosford today. All I can say is Wow! During the session, Laura opened my Akashic Records and answered questions I had regarding setting up a business and stepping into my purpose work. So much clear, detailed, and inspiring information came through from my Akashic guides. I was able to gain clarity in both my gifts as well as the type of programs I can create. We also explored the talents I bring with me from my past lives and how those can be used to shape the products I produce. I was buzzing the entire session and, honestly, havent stopped yet. So many possibilities were revealed! Laura is a truly gifted translator of the Akashic Records. It is indeed a treat to get to work with someone with her gifts and talents. Thank you Laura, so much. -LISA

I've had a couple of Akashic Records readings with Laura that left me feeling safe, more clear and less anxious about my path and my purpose. She is a gifted intuitive reader who not only understands this avenue to information but teaches as she goes. Her grasp of this technique is amazing. It is an experience I recommend to others all the time, especially as we move through this shift. My last visit with her was left open to her Guides for direction. She was quickly led to a specific prayer circle where she took me through a beautiful guided meditation that took me straight to the portal of my heart. The energy in the room was raised significantly and held there by her uncanny ability to speak a light language piece that Ive listened to twice since then, allowing me to quickly return to that level of frequency. She is an amazing teacher who offers keen insight to areas we may be less familiar with that are important for our personal evolvement. I give her 5 stars -Cindy
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