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David Adelson Lanna Spencer
Lanna Spencer was born in 1960, AWAKE with special gifts during a very exciting and challenging time on this planet knowing that the planet is undergoing a huge Paradigm shift out of a collective 3D linear perspective and awakening into a 5D Multidimensional perspective. This is a dynamic state of expansion which is marked by specific phases and will last for many years to come.

Lanna is a phenomenal multidimensional Psychic, quantum dreamer and medical intuitive. She holds degrees in Human Services and Nursing with a detailed knowledge of body systems and functions. (since 1976)

For over 40 years Lanna has shared these gifts with clients around the world. Her unique multidimensional perspective & ability to see energy allows her to work with powerful spiritual frequencies and New Earth energies and awaken them in others to produce useful, lasting change in all areas of their lives.

Services Offered:
-Personal sessions of 30 or 60 minutes
-Conscious Transitions for Birthing & Hospice (90min sessions)
-Lanna's Divine Mystery School Apprenticeships

Abundance and a sprained ankle healed over night: "I am a stockbroker. I met Lanna at Seminar had a chance to see her in action. She blew me away with her practical magic and wisdom so I scheduled a Long-distance phone session with her to seek business advice. While talking about economics she energetically Noticed a sore, swollen left ankle and asked me about it. I hadn't mentioned it to her but had fallen and sprained it the previous day. It was very painful and swollen. She worked on the ankle and the next day it was completely better and I was able to go on a long hike with my girlfriend." -BM Texas

"I am from Denmark. I first learned of Lanna's astonishing psychic abilities while working alongside of her in a hospital in the united States. In 2014, back in Europe, I was pregnant in my second trimester when I began bleeding and having pains. Of course I was very scared for myself and my baby. I text called her on my IPAD as I went to the hospital. She correctly diagnosed a partially abrupted placenta which is a life threatening emergency for me and my son. She worked on me while the doctors performed my ultrasound that confirmed my condition. I felt the healing light and calm come over me and my feelings of panic went away. Within a couple of hours my bleeding stopped and my placenta healed. The doctors were amazed and let me go home. I carried my son a full 41 weeks he was born very healthy." -SLS, Denmark

"I am an artist and single mother of 5 children. During a session with Lanna, she unexpectedly warned me about and correctly identified a sexual predator in our lives. As a result I was able to take action and intervene before my children were harmed and keep them safe." -SR, Port Orchard, WA

"Lanna Spencer is so blessed by God and the angels. Even on my sickest days I can feel her loving energy helping my body heal. I to had several ah ha moments during the call. I felt touched by the angels several times during the call. I also felt profound healing to my soul/spirit. I absolutely am in awe of Lanna's gifts. I encourage anyone who is ill or feeling down in their soul/spirit to listen and participate in Lanna's work." -Retta Michelli

"I'd like to send this testimonial as a thank you for the deep inner changes I have experienced as a result of working with you. Let me know if you have any questions about my comments. (The angel talk was great. I will definitely listen to the replay when it's available.) Over the past several months, I've purchased at least two of Lanna's programs and I've had at least three 1-1 sessions with her. Lanna's programs always include mp3s that I can play every day or as needed, depending on the topic. I have experienced shifts from feelings of anxiety before listening to a recording to feeling peace afterward. Her mp3 on the musculoskeletal system has helped me with back and shoulder pain. Those are just two examples...sometimes the deepest healings can happen when you aren't even aware of it - they can happen subconsciously.

"I have learned so much from Lanna. She is so connected to other realms and shares what she knows in a way that is easy to absorb and experience. The 1-1 sessions I have had with Lanna have been times of deep healing. For example, on the first 1-1 session I had with Lanna, she asked me if I had been having headaches. I told her yes, and that I don't usually get headaches. Lanna told me that my mother, who had crossed over several months previously, was trying to communicate with me, but she was still not quite used to being in the spirit world and that I was experiencing the headaches because my Mom was trying to make sense of what was going on. Lanna did a very simple process to let my Mom know that she could communicate with me without giving me headaches. The headaches went away, and I haven't had any since then. I was deeply comforted to know that my mother was trying to communicate with me." -Susan

"You are such an angelic goddess. Thanks for uplifting each of us once again! I am so very grateful for you and the important work you are birthing onto the planet for all of humanity... not to mention my own personal evolution and shifting as a result of our connection. Love & Light & Gratitude for you, Dear Lanna!!" -Mary Browne
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