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Karen Kan Dr. Karen Kan
Dr. Karen Kan is an Earth Angel Starseed physician and bestselling author specializing in spiritual medicine. Through the process of healing her own debilitating illness, Dr. Karen is able to have intimate conversations with Source to help herself and her clients. Dr. Karen is often like a spiritual detective, uncovering the spiritual imbalances underlying all illnesses.

Her passion is empowering "sensitives" like Indigos, Earth Angels and Starseeds to discover their innate gifts and healing abilities and to open the doorway for them to connect to Source and their Soul's Mission. She particularly enjoys working with young Millennials who need guidance and healing.

Her empathic specialty is sensing and clearing dark spirit influences from her patients and clients from all timelines and dimensions and helping people navigate the Ascension with greater ease. Many of her clients and patients are themselves powerful healers assigned to bring Light and Love to the world. Dr. Karen helps clear sabotaging influences and increases their Light, Love and Truth back to their Divine Alignment.

Using her TOLPAKAN(TM) healing method, Dr. Karen works with clients with challenging health issues who are not responding to other healing methods. Dr. Karen's TOLPAKAN(TM) healing method combines Source-directed muscle testing and Source-derived frequencies which get upgraded as we "ascend". Dr. Karen has launched her Academy of Spiritual Medicine in order to mentor and train others interested in self-healing and aligning with their Soul's Mission.

Services Offered:
-Advanced Entity and ET Clearing Program
-Light Warrior Advanced Healing Program
-TOLPAKAN(TM) Healing Level 1 Training
-Private Healing sessions (new clients must qualify)

"I'm the property manager for a high-rise in Doral Florida. On Friday April 14th, we had a 5-year-old child nearly drown at the pool. EMTs resuscitated him after 10 minutes but he was non-responsive and didn't have brain activity. The doctors were giving him three days to respond. The next day, Saturday, he showed some signs of brain activity but was still in an induced coma and on life support at the Miami Children's Hospital.

On Saturday April 15th, I reached out to Dr. Karen to post an urgent healing request on the Light Warrior Facebook group (and I also directed Dr. Karen's healing MP3s the minute I got the emergency call).

The results have been nothing short of a miracle! By the next day, Sunday, the boy was conscious, eating and speaking. He was able to state his name and answer some questions. No one expected him to survive or even recuperate to the point that he has, considering the amount of time he was unconscious. It has been nothing short of a miracle - an Easter Miracle! Thank you, Dr. Karen, for your quick response, and the Light Warriors Groups prayers and positive intentions that helped this boy pull through." -Natalie

BEFORE: This patient was on cholesterol lowering medication and a toxic blood thinner.
AFTER: The same patient after Dr. Karen stopped both medications (due to side effects and because they showed no benefit) and did energy healing, acupuncture and supplements. (Please note that this patient was not fully willing to follow Dr. Karen's dietary advice nor did he believe that his heart disease could reverse prior to seeing these results.)

"Sarah, our cat, was in a really bad way. She was practically dragging her back leg she was in so much pain, when we picked her up she cried and she was just sleeping all day long. The vet said it was cancer. I did TOLPAKAN (TM) healing on her for a few months. I felt she was on the mend but my wife insisted on taking her back to the clinic a few weeks ago. The week before the vet appointment, I had added her name to the Wednesday group healing on the Light Warrior Facebook group. Over the next few days she got visibly better. One morning she brought us a dead mouse on the back steps, something she hasn't done for months! At the follow-up vet appointment, the vet said that the cat no longer had cancer.

I'm pretty sure the group healing plus the TOLPAKAN (TM) work brought her back from the brink of death. If you have a sick pet, you should try this." -Lloyd B.

"Auntie Eram was very worried about me because I was suffering from extreme exhaustion and no traditional medical doctor could figure out how to make me better. Around the time when Auntie Eram told Dr. Karen about me, I had already begun to feel drastically better. I continued to make amazing improvements over the next few months and now not only am I going to college, I can hold down a job at the same time!

Dr. Karen told me that she had removed 50 energy suckers from me initially when she first spoke to Eram about me. Then I received another clearing from her in October during the interview which seemed to solidify my improvement and then I had a full one-on-one session in February 2017. Now my light score is in the high 90s and I expect it to keep getting higher. Honestly, my life has magically transformed. Between Auntie Eram, Dr. Karen and being inspired to change my diet, I am like a whole new person! Thank you Dr. Karen for helping me feel better. Thanks to you, Ive learned how to manage my energy better and be highly functional as a sensitive earth angel." -Raneem Age 19 (Earth Angel)

"My autoimmune issues flared up massively after a recent stress. My fibromyalgia, Bechets and carpal tunnel symptoms suddenly got worse! I had significant pain and my fingers were numb. Dr. Karen discovered that my alternate selves from the multiverse also had autoimmune issues and that my Hara Line needed to expand its capacity to hold all the positive Ascension energy I was integrating. Within minutes of expanding the Hara Line, the tingling in my fingers disappeared and I felt a whole lot better! I felt so much better the next day - pain free, peaceful and contemplative. Words can't express my gratitude. It was exactly what my body and spirit needed. If you have issues with autoimmunity, I highly recommend getting a session with Dr. Karen...she's awesome!" -Retta M.

"I just got back from a trip with a friend to Central Java, which included a visit to Borobudur Temple. The first two days there, it rained so hard that our trip to the temple was going to be iffy. Well, I decided to do TOLPAKAN(TM) weather magic. Great results -naturally! The weather became partially sunny with some cloud but not rainy. Thanks Dr. Karen! Just thought you would like to know." -Joyce Djaelani Gordon
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