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Jenny Thao Ngo, RN, MSN, CNM, Transformational Energy Healer/Catalyst, Transformational Coach, Energy Intuitive, and Entity Clearing specialist collaborates with her God Healing Team to quickly and painlessly release countless negative energies.

Specializing in her own unique healing modality, Quantum Dimensional Healing transmutes negative energy attachments including dimensional attachments at lightning speed, eliminating energetic blockages, imbalances, and misalignments in all bodies, generations, and dimensions to quickly assist you into your clarity, inspired new vision of wellness and happiness.

Jenny simultaneously embarked on her spiritual path and her energy healing work in her mid-20s. After becoming a Reiki Master she continued working as an RN and a Certified Nurse Midwife for the next 12 years. In addition she has studied many energy healing modalities.

Jenny's commitment to fulfill her passion supporting global alignment and harmony is achieved daily in supporting and transmuting trauma, pain, suffering and dis-ease into wholeness and wellness with countless individuals she aligns with the Quantum Dimensional Healing Technique.

Her God Team comprised of infinite celestial beings enable her to achieve phenomenal results in her energetic healing work in person sessions, remotely, and MP3s/MP4s delivering powerful results immediately to individuals just like you.

The results that Jenny's clients receive allow them to have clarity, re-ignite their passions, love themselves, find true value in their worth and their self confidence, and further feel safe- free from harm, supported and loved, pain relief and improvements of their health conditions, connecting to the abundance flow, and having more loving, fulfilling, and harmonious relationships in their lives.

Services Offered:
-Monthly 14 Days Remote/Distance Healing &2nd Monday of each month&
-Monthly Q & A Healing Support Group Call
-Group Coaching & Healing 12-mo Program
-VIP Coaching & Healing 12-mo Program (1 on 1)
-Remote Healing Membership Subscription (monthly, 6 or 12 months)
-Healing MP3s & MP4s of health, love, abundance, and more

"Jenny is an amazing healer and amazing person. I'm going to tell you right away that one of the criteria that I choose, whether to work with them or not with someone professionally is what their ascension score- is what their light score is. So the light scores of the amount of light vs. dark that they still have within them whether past, present, & future. The Ascension scores basically how expanded in the Ascension they are and I don't often tell people this, but I got to tell you that Jenny has a light score pretty much 100, 99 to 100, both of us have been working very hard in that, we do a lot of entity work and so we clear a lot of the dark and get into the light so she has a super-super high Light score. As of today, of all the other healers that I know and have met, she has the highest ascension score.

I'm finding that the healings are occurring faster, the intuition is coming faster, and I basically have to do less work which is awesome. She let the God team do the work, that's very wise. I truly believe and I'm testing at least 40% of my success with how I got sales and FHTJ was really due to this work that I've been working with Jenny for a while and especially this money magnet work, it was totally awesome. I think the number is like over 400 now, of packages for the week of my launch which is a phenomenal awesome. I am so happy, the people I've connected with are so amazing and my VIP group and so this is such amazing stuff and so I think that you if you were like a money monk that I used to be, don't pay too much attention to money, and wonder why we don't have any, then you really need to check out Jenny's program because she is the real deal. She's got very high vibration, I think it will really benefit from it. So I take it for me a former money monk, who is learning to enjoy and appreciate my value, as well as the value of money and prosperity abundance, It's time for you!" -Dr. Karen Kan, Holistic Physician & Spiritual Medicine Expert #1 Bestselling author of Guide to Healing Chronic Pain - Holistic Approach

"Jenny has a remarkable gift of healing that allows her to clear and transform layers negative energy which blocks health and wholeness. Jenny is very dedicated to working with each person or groups of people in a way that brings about balance on all levels--body, mind, and spirit and in all areas of one's life. The integrity of what Jenny does is amazing." -Nancy Gordon, Ph.D., Psychoneuroimmunologist, Corporate Coach, National Wellness Consultant, & Author- "The Guiding Philosophy for the Future of Healthcare: It's Not What You Think...(Actually It Is What You Think"!)

Salary doubled from $50,000 after worked with Jenny: "I met Jenny through my sister. One important factor about her I feel is important to share is that she helps me upgrade my point of reference regarding money earned. My whole life, $50,000 per year was my top salary. I worked with Jenny and NOW my salary doubled unexpectedly. I am so very grateful to her." ~ Nora, New York, USA

Money is pouring in: "Since purchase Jenny's Abundance program, I got $10,000 unexpected backed payment from the government. Financially is so good now. I play bingo x 30 yrs, recently I won $750, $850, and then $1,400. I'm telling you I can't lose. It's been amazing. The money is pouring in every time I turn around I'm getting money. I got another $1,000 sitting right here and I even haven't take to the bank yet. I have not had any financial issues since. Where I was, compared where I am now, it's like two different places. I am giving thanks! You are such an angel. I am so grateful for you Jenny!" -Del, USA

I am happy to report a new Mercedes, new business opportunities, and people appearing daily to support my goals and vision bringing financial abundance and love. Even with the new car, new shoes also came too for swiftly moving forward. And on an additional note, on ease and grace, most of the financing abundance for the car was gifted and as an added miracle, I only spend 10 or 15 minutes at the California DMV's office registering the car. WOW! I am truly grateful to be in my quantum solvent of my true potential within me. With Jenny, I was able to move past personal issues to personal success unconditional love and prosperity. Yeah Jenny! Thank you so very much again!" -Dr Antonio N., PhD in Music & Author, California, USA

My home foreclosure has been cancelled: "Hello Jenny! No words to qualify the help you gave me. I tried pinching my skin to feel if it's me and if the results I got was real. Thank you so much! The home foreclosure has been cancelled after a couples of days of our 1-1 session. Thank your Team very fervently for me also. They were very lovely and very much caring than usual. I had joyful tears when they were advising me." -Mr T., Washington D.C., USA
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