PureLight iPhone app - audios that transmit healing frequencies for spiritual awakening, health, abundance and more
For Healers
If you're a healer who creates audios that transmit high spiritual frequencies, we'd love to help spread the word about you!

Please read the FAQ below for more information, then if you'd like to be on PureLight, please .

If we feel your work is right for PureLight, we will contact you to schedule a time to speak with you, preferably via Skype (but we can talk over the phone if necessary)

The discussion typically lasts approx 15-20min.
About PureLight
PureLight is a free iPhone app (eventually Android as well) for promoting energy healers and for selling audios that transmit high spiritual frequencies. The app serves as a central marketplace where users can browse and search for audios and audio packages to help improve any area of their lives.

What types of audios are accepted?
To be on the PureLight app, your audios must:

1. transmit healing, spiritual frequencies
2. help create positive change for the listener

Why sell my audios on the PureLight app?
The benefits of being on PureLight include:

1) a central marketplace where users can search via category or keyword for what they need
2) audios are downloaded directly to the user's phone for immediate use
3) promoting one app will inclusively bring attention to all healers and audios on that app, and

4) in-app purchases are much easier for users, therefore will result in more sales
How would my audios be uploaded to the app?
You would have your own dashboard on PureLightAudio.com where you can log in to set up your profile, add/edit audios and view your statistics (secure server, of course).
Are you accepting guided meditations?
As long as the guided meditation transmits energies to create positive change, then yes!

We have nothing against regular guided meditations (that don't transmit energies), but our feeling is that everyone has heard of these, therefore we are only accepting audios that actually transmit healing energies.

Later on however, we may open up PureLight to include regular guided meditations as well.

"You're always one decision away from a totally different life" - Anonymous
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