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Frequently Asked Questions
What are frequency-infused audios?
Frequency-infused audios are mp3's encoded with powerful pure energies and intentions; when played, these spiritual frequencies are transmitted to help manifest and/or shift something in your life.

Created by gifted healers, these audios can help you:

-raise your vibration
-increase abundance
-clear limiting beliefs & patterns
-heal grief and trauma
-rejuvenate and re-contour your body
-align your chakras
-improve health
-clear your energy field
-increase energy
-help you look & feel younger
-expand your consciousness
-create more joy in your life

...and so much more!       

What’s on the audios?
Audio content varies:

-many contain talking as the healer explains what energies and intentions he/she is sending
-some contain Light Language
-some feature music
-some are completely (or nearly) silent
-others are a combination of talking or Light Language with soft music and/or periods of silence.

Please read the audio descriptions to see what’s contained on them.
How do I use the audios?
It depends on the track: some require active participation, others may be played on a loop - during the day or while sleeping - with the volume turned down. Again, be sure to read the “How to Use” section for each audio.

Also, upon purchasing the audio, the instructions for how to use it appear in your account so you always have it for reference.
Are these guided meditations?
Some are, most are not - but what makes our audios different is that they actually transmit energies to shift you, whether you listen actively or not.

Many audios may simply be played on a loop during the day or while sleeping, and you’ll get the full benefit of the audio frequencies!

Again, be sure to read the “How to Use” section for each audio for instructions on how to use them.
Do the audios use binaural beats?
Some do, but most do not.
Do I need to wear headphones while listening?
Most audios do not require headphones, but a few do - so be sure to read audio descriptions and "How to Use" sections.
How long does it take to get results?
Everyone is different: some people get results immediately after listening just once; others will need to listen several times before they see results. As you listen more and more, eventually you will entrain to the new frequencies and your life will begin to shift.
For best results, follow the instructions in the audios' “How to Use” sections.
Are there any caveats?
Because the audios contain very potent and powerful energies, listening may cause drowsiness or even dizziness, therefore do not listen when your full attention is required, such as while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Secondly, many audios may cause detoxification, physical and/or emotional:

Physical detox includes feeling tired, thirsty, achy, etc.; you may even develop cold & flu-like symptoms. Should this happen, take a break from listening to the audios; also rest, drink plenty of water and eat high-vibrational foods such as organic fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Emotional detox means that old memories may surface, or you may become aware of belief patterns you hold, have “aha” moments, etc; you may even feel like crying for seemingly no reason or need extra time alone.

While uncomfortable, detox symptoms are temporary and the releasing process is ultimately highly beneficial. Just take it one day at a time and take care of yourself; eventually you will entrain to the new frequencies and your life will begin to shift.
If others are nearby when I play the audios, will they also be affected?
In many cases, yes; however, we all have free will on whether or not to be affected.
Can I use these audios to help pets?
In many cases, yes, pets respond very favorably to the high-frequencies on these audios. If you're not sure, contact the healer to ask if their audios can help pets.
Making Purchases
How do I purchase audios?
Simply tap the "Get It" button and you'll be prompted to enter your iTunes password; your payment method is whatever you have set up on iTunes.

It is recommended you have wi-fi enabled when purchasing audios.

Also once you download an audio, you may be subscribed to the healer's mailing list (but you'll always have the option to unsubscribe)
Do I have to log in?
When purchasing an audio, you'll be prompted to log in with either Facebook or Gmail, or you can Skip this altogether.

We highly recommend you log in, however, for these reasons:

1. you'll be able to access your purchases on other Apple devices, and
2. it makes it easier for us to track your order, should you have any questions
How do I play audios?
When the audio player first loads, it is inactive (grayed out). Simply tap an audio to start listening; the speaker icon will appear to the right of "How to Use", and the audio player will be activated.

Repeat & Shuffle icons:

-If neither is tapped, audios listed will automatically play in succession until the last one, then player will stop.
-Tapping Repeat once will play each audio in succession
-Tapping Repeat twice will repeat only that specific audio (you will see a tiny "1" inside the icon)
-Tapping Shuffle only will play all audios in random order until the last one, then player will stop.
-Tapping Shuffle and Repeat will play all audios in random order, even after the last one in the list has been played.
There is no sound when I play my audios
Please make sure your phone is off vibrate mode to listen to the audios (slider on the upper left of your phone).

I've made purchases but the My Audios screen says "No audios"
Tap the My Account icon (the gears icon at the right of the bottom bar - or from the Menu drop down list at the upper left, select "My Account"); when the screen loads, tap "Restore Purchases". It is highly recommended you enable wi-fi when restoring your purchases.

If you have any issues, please contact support at support@purelightaudio.com
"Personal transformation can and does have global effects.
As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us.
The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one."
-Marianne Williamson
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