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Eva Marquez is a spiritual counselor and healer, teacher and writer. In her spiritual work she utilizes her inherited Pleiadian energy. She remembers the "Language of Light" along with many other ancient soul memories and works with her guides "Lights of the Universe" who are a collective group of light beings from various star nations. She also works with her higher self who on occasion enjoys visiting others in dreams and during meditation to give assistance or healing if needed.

Eva's mission is to teach you about your personal powers so that you can be your own guru! She also brings back memories of infinite love from God. Love is the most important energy tool we each have. She is dedicated to assist those who need healing on all levels.

She is assisting starseeds to activate their DNA, their memories, heal their past lives and dysfunctional life patterns, and teaches them to connect with their soul family. Eva also works with people who have terminal illness, mothers who are expecting a child with birth defects, those who have fallen into deep depression or despair, those who have lost all hope, those who are suffocated by fear, those that feel all alone, those that have been abused both physically and mentally, and anyone else needing my assistance or guidance. She is here to show you that there is a "LIGHT at the end of the tunnel" and that through LOVE we can reach that light.

Eva is an author of three eBooks that can be found on Amazon Kindle: -A Starseed Guide: Andromeda, Pleiades and Sirius -A Healer's Guide for Soul Cleansing: REmoving Negative Energies and Entities, Earthbound and Extraterrestrials -A Starseed Guide: Centaurus, Epsilone Eridani and Lyra - Piece of puzzle to Atlantis

Services Offered:
-Private sessions 30 min and 60 min
-Intuitive readings
-Past lives readings
-Starseed family search readings
-Life coaching sessions for starseeds
-Life purpose and life patterns readings
-DNA activation
-Implant removal and cleansing
-Healing sessions with the Language of Light

What an amazing gift to have found your videos! That was back in 2010! I can't thank you enough for helping me on my journey in this life. You've taught me that I'm not alone (even when I am) and that my angels guides and loved ones are always beside me guiding me to the best possible solutions and situations. You have the most soothing voice I've ever heard in my life!!! You've taught me how to stay centered and locked into the roots of The Great Mother Earth, so I'm protected and safe in times of turmoil. You truly are an Angel here on Earth!! Thank you for helping me!!!! May Abundant Love and Light surround you at all times and thank you for all that you do!!!! ~ Karyn Kinsela, from the Berkshires, Massachusetts

My money attunement from Eva was amazing!!! I send infinite "thank you's" to you Eva, your guides and the Universe for this powerful money attunement. I first used it yesterday in the morning and my day was so powerful! I was and felt such joyous, being with me and listening to me and I met a a fellow light being, we just walk towards each other and felt such a resonance... Amazing stuff... As I reflect on the one time attunement, I feel I became more open, trusting of the universal forces at work around me, so I connected with both aspect of my energies. I can feel with great certainty the power of this attunement. In fact I am lead to say, money is simply energy, so I know, as my energetic imprint changes, all the abundance I choose will be... ~ Raquel, from North Carolina

DNA Activation - This was such a wonderful experience! We first had an interesting and very informative talk, where she provided information that I needed to know about me. The Attunement was a great experience where I could sense everything while she was guiding me through the whole session. (This certainly varies on the person who gets the Attunement). I felt all my chakras, etc. and saw so many things they just made me happy and I had a smile on my face for almost the whole Attunement. Eva is really special and you can feel her love that she is bringing into her work.Her great heart expands to her clients and over and her generosity is something we all can learn from. ~ Christa Fossati, from Spain

The activation attunement was a very relaxing experience. Eva is a great facilitator and provided guidance for visualization that helped with the attunement. It was very lovely hearing the language of Light. So far, the attunement has greatly helped in reducing my depression; I feel like a lot of pain has been shed as a result of the activation. Im looking forward to experiencing more of the benefits. ~ Nicole, from Massachusetts

I am so impressed with Eva and her work, she is so kind and compassionate and non judgmental, you can tell her anything and talking to her is like talking to a close friend. She makes you feel so comfortable. She is one of the most beautiful souls that I came across in this reincarnation and her meditations are just wonderful! Nothing beats the language of light transmission! Thank you so much Eva, Lights of the Universe and Our Pleidian Family. Love and Light. ~ Natalya, from Canada
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