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Debbie Johnson on PureLight Audio FREE iPhone app Debbie Johnson
Debbie Johnson of Angelic Messages is a psychic/medium who has been working with the angelic realm and clients all over the world for over 15 years. Her connection to the divine realm manifested at a very young age, but, being raised in a Southern Baptist household, her gift was repressed. It started to come back in her 20's, and Debbie saw that she could actually help people. Since then, she's made it her mission to bring healing to others through readings, Reiki and music.

Services Offered:
Debbie is available for Angelic readings that include clearing and healing via phone and Skype, as well as in person. For more information, or to book a reading, email her at debbie@angelicmessages.com

"I have worked with Debbie several times over the past few years and the experience has been extraordinary. Debbie helped me through a really hard year as I struggled with fertility - she helped me push forward with patience and confidence. In the end, she predicted exactly the number of embryos that would be there in the end - and what would work. It was truly unbelievable. She has also told me things about my life that I never expected to be true that ended up materializing in strange and different ways. I believe she is truly connected to spirits and she calls on them in a way that offers comfort and guidance to her clients. Thank you, Debbie for loving direction and support. I am so grateful." -Katie

"I had an amazing reading with Debbie this morning. I was amazed at the people that showed up. My Dad and Grandparents and animals. She was accurate. The angels offered healing on my mother's legs (I did not ask. Thats what makes it amazing.) Archangel Michael cleared a block on my heart and confirmed that my healing gifts are going to open up for animals and people. I do not have the words for over-all healing that took place. I would do this again and will." -Diane M.

"I've been around amazing psychics my whole life when I was just a little girl, my father used to have friends over who would answer questions I was thinking but never said aloud. It was crazy! Debbie is the real deal with a rare gift. Her readings get straight to the point, and are extremely practical telling you just what you need to know, and what steps to take to make the best of things, all without any spiritual mumbo jumbo or confusing woo-woo fluff. Shes also so much fun and warm, and genuinely cares and wants to help. Some of her predictions have utterly blown my mind, and her input always leaves me more relaxed and positive about whatever is next. I highly recommend her." -Carol Allen, Vedic astrologer and relationship coach
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Debbie Johnson on PureLight Audio FREE iPhone app
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