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Dawn Crystal Dawn Crystal
Dawn Crystal is a recognized Voice Sound Healer, a respected Intuitive Life Coach, Soul Reader, Pain Release Expert & Best-selling Author (Pain Free Made Crystal Clear!). She is known as a LEADING TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERT incorporating ancient wisdom for modern day success.

Dawn is passionate about helping people clear emotional and physical blockages so they can manifest from their Higher Self, step into their Full Potential and lead their lives and business in a way that aline effectively with their soul's purpose.

Dawn helps her clients to quickly release themselves from pain, emotionally and physically, and is an active mentor for entrepreneurs, CEO's & Celebrities helping everyone! Dawn is the "Go-To" person to get out of Pain Fast!!! "Only in Minutes"!

Dawn participates regularly on Global telesummits, Radio shows & podcasts. Dawn was recently interviewed by the Today Show, Dr Oz, Rachel Ray, The View etc. Dawn hosts her own radio show "Pain Free Fast & Easy!!!" on the News for the Soul Network.

Dawns unique sound healing CD is purchased by clients around the globe and she is available on both phone and SKYPE, as well as teleseminars.

Dawn lives a peaceful life on Maui, along with her adorable dog, Hoku

Services Offered:
-30 minutes Personal sessions With Dawn
-30 Minute Session: First time new clients
-30 Minute Session: Repeat clients:
-Energetic Healing Breakthrough healing package: 30 Minute Session
-10-30 minutes session Total Body Healing Rebalancing and Clearing all Body blockages
-15-30 Intuitive Coaching Sessions
-5-30 minute Total Body Healing, Rebalancing and Clearing Body Blocks sessions

Hello my name is Jeffrey, awhile ago I hurt my hip and after a long recovery time which included physical therapy and chiropractic work. I noticed I started to get low on energy. By a chance meeting I met Dawn and with an open mind I scheduled an Energy rebalancing session with her. I believe that the combination of my receptiveness along with her energy soothing sounds made this a successful session. Afterward I felt more at ease. I noticed I had more sustaining energy, and I didn't have the crash at the end of the day. If you are experiencing any type of sluggish syndrome and are looking for an alternative to medicine. I encourage you to give Dawn a try, I'm glad I did -Jeffrey

Dawn has a true gift with her Energy work and Sound healing. Love her! :) -Joanne V.

Dawn Crystal's healing energy is amazing! The first time that we spoke it was unrelated to her gift. At the conclusion of our call, I told her that I felt so much positive energy pouring through the phone and that I've never experienced that before. That's when I learned of her gift and I immediately booked a session with her. She helped me clear and shift blocked energy that kept me stagnated in certain areas of my life for more than 10-years. In less than 2 months of working with Dawn Crystal, my life was transformed with ease and grace! Dawn is a gifted healer. Step into her world and prepare for your transformation. -Sandy O.

Just listened to a web call with you and Durva Gandi, and I liked what you did for the callers. Purchased your B-package so I am waiting for the download page to get through. Then I can schedule a session with you. Looking forward to that. -Bodil

Hello dear Dawn this is from Maria you worked on me on the live call yesterday. I do feel so much better this morning. I am currently in Austria so it is morning for me.look forward to work with you after next month. -Shremaria

Wow, thank you Dawn for the mini healing, I am feeling lighter and more energized and I didn't mention the pain I had in my jaw has evaporated I feel amazing, much gratitude and love returned a million fold -Anna D.

Hi Dawn, I was the first Q & A you answered- I had pain wrapping around my rib cage and back on the left side. As you worked, it shifted up under my left shoulder blade and into the center spine area. It got very painful thru that area for about 10-20 minutes, then all was gone. Only a slight soreness in the affected areas now. A huge relief! I listened to the entire program and got more relief from your other transmissions as well. -Rita T

I listened to your call on the Transformation Show and had quite positive energy movement in my body. I would love to schedule a session with you! -LuAnn C.

Hi Dawn - You worked on my right knee issue during the call and I am here to report that my knee is 100% better. It started to ease gradually and I was waiting to see how it held up after 3 days. One word: AMAZING! My knee was stiff and achy during the call but has regained suppleness now. I feel it looser and my movements more fluid. You said it was ancestral and you were not sure if the call was enough well I can tell you that you are a miracle woman for me cos it was certainly more than enough. Thank you thank you thank you! You are a blessing and I am infinitely grateful for your help. -Rym D
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