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David Adelson David Adelson
A meditation teacher since 1974, using meditation, quantum and energy-physics, David created or co-created over 500 energy healing products and programs found on his website in art, photography, memes, audio and video programs, high-end premium technologies, liquid drops and Divine Energies, and he has trained dozens of others to use.

Services Offered:
-Downloadable energy programs
-Premium energy programs
-One-on-one Divine Guidance sessions
-Higher States of Consciousness development programs

"Thank you so much for your clearing of me during this last session. I have experience a tremendous clarity came to me while fog (burden) was lifted from my mind and physicality. The room and everything in it became clearer and brighter. My body feels no pain, aches or limitations. These two days after I have made more in my legal paperwork that I did since beginning of the year. My mind is alert and receptive. My heart is in joy. Love is the only I see in people after our connection." -G.A., MN

"David's Personal Protection System is amazing!!! I absolutely love it and can feel the beautiful energy protecting me right away. I personally use it all the time and would highly recommend it to everyone!!" -V.S., HI

"I would say the sound support me in a soundscape that enhances my clarity and deepens my connection with Source consciousness." -T.B., Canada

"I wanted to write and say 'Thank You', again, for a most revealing and empowering session that you guided me through the other day. The opening and depth provided by the energies that I received were quite powerful. In addition, I have had insights and 'aha' moments, and a noticeable lack of struggling against the 'old, entrenched version of myself' that I had just been use to accepting as the only "possible" version of me...

"Hmmm... so it's really much easier to see, now, the reality that I was creating was, in some very fundamental and powerful way, shifted (by our session) so that I have a much more fluid interaction with my Self...which means more options, more freedom and a lighter sense of being throughout my day." -J.D., MD
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