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Bryan Rawls-Dolzer Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer
My name is Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer, I am a 8th Generation Certified Psychic Medium by The American Federation of Certified Psychic Mediums Inc. Certified Reiki Master Teacher in forty-one different styles of Reiki. I am a Universal Channel and Galactic Channel. I channel light beings such as Faeries, Angels, Gods and Goddesses, ET's, Council of 9, 12, 24 light beings, and Primordial Shamanic Elders. I speak ancient languages derived from ancient civilizations, star systems, galaxies, planets, and dimensions.

To date, I speak over one hundred and seventy five different dialects of Ancient Languages, with this ability I am able to transmit tonal frequencies to release negative emotions and programs, clear karma, activate DNA and extra sensory perception. Also, I'm a practitioner of Gypsy Magick and The Old Ways (Traditional Witchcraft).

My abilities are inherited from both sides of my family and I am a 8th Generation. Mother side of the family is Romanian and Father's side of family is Cherokee and a smidgen of dutch. My grandmother was a big influence in my magickal studies and psychic studies; she was a professional practicing psychic medium.

Our family's abilities date back to the 1400's and these abilities have been bestowed upon the women of the family and I make the first male receiving the gift. My abilities are clairvoyance (to see), clairaudience (to hear), clairsentience (to feel), claircogziance (to know), empathic (to feel other's pain & emotions), healing (laying on of hands), telepathy (to send & receive messages) and speaking in tongues (to speak ancient languages).

My mission and purpose in life is to be a liaison for spirit and to prove that there is life after death. I am dedicated to walking this path and helping folks realize that life is what you make for you are the Creator of Your Own Reality! Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams Blessed Be and Namaste

Services Offered:
Intuitive Readings, Healing's, Light Language Activations, Spell-work, Rituals, DNA Activations, Classes, Spiritual Supplies, Spirit Communication, Setting Lights, House Cleansing, Property Cleansing, Stargate & Portal Work, Path-working, and Mentoring

"A wonderful surprise was gifted to my family through Rev. Bryan's services. I contacted him for advise on selling my family home after my parents passed. Our hope was to align with a buyer who would enjoy the property with their loved ones as we had for sixty years. Rev. Bryan petitioned St. Joseph for our intention. We were blessed with a written agreement for the sale with the first showing. A young man purchased our family home as his first house with a bright vision for it's future. Much gratitude and love to Rev. Bryan for his guidance and service.A few months later, my next interaction with Rev. Bryan was an Intuitive Session for myself. He provided an open, relaxed platform to discuss my intentions for the session. The session included mediumship work, energetic healing, light language, information on solar energy, ancestral and galactic history, spiritual knowledge, health and alternative treatments. Phenomenal work for a one hour session! After a short integration period, I will continue my journey of self-discovery with Rev. Bryan, improving my life for myself and that of others. Thank you, Rev. Bryan for your gifts that you share. Much Love and Abundant Blessings." ~ Janice, Pennsylvania

"When I first heard Bryan and saw his picture, I was instantly drawn to him. On our first session Bryan held a beautiful, caring space which made me feel total relaxed and very excited at the same time. I was given a complete overhaul, realignment and cleansing of the Chakras. I was very impressed about the high quality of clarity Bryan has and he was able to answer all my questions with clear insight. Bryan has started to open new doors of learning for me, taking me to the next level of awakening, illumination and remembrance. I am very grateful that I have had the great privilege of the start of a beautiful journey into the knowing of me." ~ Sue, Australia

"I worked with Rev. Bryan closely for a period of 3 months when I was undergoing major shifts and transitions in my life. This period has been intense times of uncertainty, luckily with his help, I have been able to to proceed with clarity and certainty. I have worked with spiritual workers and life coaches in the past, frankly Rev Bryan has been the only one who has been able to provide me with the clarity I needed to know that I am moving in the right direction. For example, a recent opportunity came up for me to travel for an event. I was going to decide against going but Rev. Bryan told me to go. It turned out to be a trip that shifted my paradigm. I can't be more grateful for having his guidance and presence in my life. Thank you Rev. Bryan!" ~ Elie

"Today as always I am deeply grateful to have you in my life as an awakened, highly evolved being, true friend and very gifted psychic intuitive. Thank you for your assistance last evening in finding some Christmas gift certificates which I was sure had mistakenly gone out with the garbage. I had spent a good part of the day searching for them and within minutes you guided me to where they were. This is not the first time that you have assisted me in locating missing objects and as always I am amazed at the gift you bring to the planet, which I must say just keep getting stronger. There are few on this planet like you, Bryan, and those of us who have you in our lives are fortunate. With love and gratitude." ~ Jean Calloway

"I had a 30 minute general intuitive reading with the Reverend. We did this over the phone, which is amazing as there was no need to travel for hours to meet him. I was a little concerned that without seeing me in person my reading might be less accurate....NOT the Case at all, he proved that from the very first minute when I asked one (1) open ended general question about my future he hit the ground running; being on-point about my current job situation, about the coming changes, about situations and people without any words from my mouth. I said nothing and just listened in marvel to him touch upon and answer almost all of the questions that I had written down without him knowing those questions. I never needed to ask because he included them in his guides messages for me! I am a firm believer in his gifts and talents; he did an activation during our session which helped to set me on the path on which I am already destined for and headed.

He is gifted. Reverend Bryan Rawls is the real deal! I am so grateful that my sister recommended him, he has given me the courage, confirmation and guidance needed to help me make the changes in my life to get on the path that I need to be on for my life's work using my gifts. I will (and have already) recommended him to others seeking confirmation and or clarity of their life's purpose etc. A session with the Reverend is nothing shy of remarkable. You owe it to yourself to have at least 1 session (and buy a package for a loved one! as a gift!!). Peace, Love and Light" ~ Devra Hasson
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